Tree Management Services in Tucson, AZ

man trimming and thinning a tree

Having trees on your property is a great way to create natural barriers to erosion and will help improve the appeal of your landscape in general. If trees aren’t maintained and become overgrown, however, they’ll detract from your landscape in a big way. To ensure proper tree health and aesthetic, make sure you’re investing in tree service in Tucson, AZ.

Arid Plant Designs assists customers in beautifying their trees through a comprehensive array of critical care and maintenance services. Our background is in urban forestry, giving us a keen insight into how trees need to be approached and tailored to the landscape around them. As a result, we emphasize revitalization and restoration of proper growth in a number of ways.

Tree trimming and thinning

The problem with most trees is that they become overgrown, or establish growth patterns that harm the integrity of the tree. Tree trimming in Tucson, AZ can help to solve this problem and correct poor growth patterns, leaving behind a tree that’s healthy in both condition and appeal.

Thinning also helps to shape and preen trees, to avoid growth that could overhang nearby structures or utilities. This may otherwise pose a significant threat in severe weather conditions or over time.

Finally, trimming and thinning allows sunlight through to shrubbery or other foliage that may be shielded by an overhanging tree. This enables healthier growth at ground level for a more complete landscape look.

Trust us with your trees

When it comes to your trees, few landscape professionals in the area have the knowledge and expertise we bring to the table. Owner David Hitchings has even authored a book on urban forestry in Arizona for the State Land Department and The University of Arizona!

For a full assessment of your trees and an authoritative approach to caring for your foliage, trust Arid Plant Designs. Get in touch with us today by calling 520-349-5058. We’re ready to come to your property and inspect your trees firsthand.