June 14, 2018

"David is a rare breed, and his company is a joy to work with, especially if you don’t know an agave from a lantana, and we didn’t. Arriving from the east coast only four months ago, we faced a backyard that looked uncared for and crowded. It was claustrophobic.David salvaged everything he thought worth saving. Some saved plants that looked dead to us, but with his care, within two weeks they were flourishing. He guided us through what plants we needed; which would bloom when; which were resistant to constant sun, and which would grow quickly. Then we turned him lose. His budget was modest for the long hours he put in and the plantings he chose. His workmanship was incomparable, and on schedule.Now, because of his design and plant choices, we look out on a wash and, you could believe we owned a big spread in the southwest. Easy to work with. Conscientious. Straightforward, and knowledgeable. Engage David and Arid Plant Designs with complete confidence. "
April 26, 2017

"David is enthusiastic, efficient, and imaginative about landscaping. We're very please with his revision of our overgrown front yard and neglected back yard. "
December 22, 2016

I highly recommend!

"I hired this company to complete my back yard and I am so happily surprised. Dave creates amazing designs that get great compliments. He has amazing communication and I will always recommend his company!"
November 14, 2016

Honest and reliable service

"I have worked with the business owner for two decades. He is truthful and works hard with great detail applied to his designs."
November 4, 2016

My yard looks amazing!

"Before Arid Plant Designs, my yard was hideous. We did a complete overhaul including removing a retaining wall and planting several plants. Dave is knowledgeable about each plant variety he uses and that is a great advantage."